About Us

Since the start, Fastbtchourly has been enriching the lives of investors by helping them plan for retirement, provide for their family, and protect their business interest. We believe your investment strategy is a direct outgrowth of your financial plan. Your goals, income needs, and tolerance for risk are all important considerations to develop your strategy.

Our role is helping your accomplish your investment goals with the least amount of risk necessary. Investing with confidence does not come from brilliant market insights, but rather from having a sound, diversified plan – patiently and consistently applied. Management costs, tax efficiency, and consistency of results are critical criteria in the selection of your investments.

Fastbtchourly offers financial and risk management strategies through proactive planning. The company’s mission is to build a long, trusting relationship with you and create a customized and unique plan to fit your life, dreams, and legacy. We can help you with your financial planning - whether you are focused on managing current financial success, or protecting and preserving assets over the long-term.

In today’s market, there are literally hundreds of financial products from dozens of providers, including insurance, investments, trusts, retirement plans and more. As an independent financial services company, fastbtchourly can draw from a variety of companies. Our professionals work hard to help define your short and long-term financial goals, compare those goals to the products and services available in the marketplace, and develop a financial strategy that is just right for you.